Sacred Heart Shamanic Breathwork and Cacao Journey 5/18

Embark on an inner journey & discover the secrets of your Being!

Our journey begins with a community circle, where we will gather in unity to set intentions, express gratitude, and honor LIFE.

We will offer the beautiful plant medicine ally hapé. Hapé helps to clear, shift, and focus our energy. This is an optional experience.

Shamanic Breathwork is an intentional process that encourages the release of stagnant energy, emotional blockages, and unconscious patterns.

We will guide you every step of the way, which gives you space to tap into inner wisdom, release energetic baggage, and experience a profound sense of liberation.

It’s like hypnotherapy without the hypno or the therapy - Lol!

Following the Shamanic Breathwork, we will seamlessly transition into working with Mother Cacao.

The cacao ceremony serves as a gentle yet powerful catalyst for heart-centered exploration. Cacao, known as the "food of the gods" by ancient cultures, is believed to have the ability to facilitate deep introspection.


*Please see FAQs below for contraindications to Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic Breathwork is a process of controlled and conscious breathing done to dynamic chakra attuned music that can take you to an altered state.

It can help you access parts of your mind and body that would otherwise be not so easy to reach.

You will be going through the breathwork journey lying down, covered with a comfortable blanket, and wearing a luxurious eye mask to allow you to journey deep within.

We will be walking the floor as you all breathe, providing support and emotional safety, allowing you to really let go.

Immediately following your inner journey, you express yourself through Shakti art therapy that is individual and intuitive.

This Somatic process allows your Soul to speak and your experience to bloom

…no worries, no art experience necessary!

Group processing is an integral part of the journey.

There is a deep power in witnessing and being witnessed.

Magical insights may come during the group sharing process where we act as mirrors and provide valuable reflections to one another.

Indigenous peoples and Shamans have been using the breath for trance and inner journeying for centuries…

Following the wisdom of the Wolf Clan - Seneca tribe and delivered through Grandmother Twylah and our dear teacher Linda Star Wolf, this is a powerful lineage with deep roots.

Mayan texts described cacao to be heart opening, and it has been used in sacred ritual since ancient times.

As the cacao opens your heart, you will experience a stronger connection with the higher self (intuition, soul, God). This connection will guide you into deeper Joy, Wisdom, Love, and Awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shamanic Breathwork the same as yogic breathing (pranayama)?

It’s all breath, but no, Shamanic Breathwork and most yogic breathing (pranayama) are different.

Yogic pranayamas have different purposes - engaging or cultivating different physical/emotional/mental aspects of ourselves for balance.

Shamanic Breathwork utilizes a constant breath (typically in the nose and out the mouth) practiced with some intensity and over time to initiate a deep inner journey in the breather.

Why use the word "shamanic"? Does that mean that plant medicine is involved?

No plant medicine is involved, just pure breath!

This modality does induce “journey” experiences that can be similar to a plant medicine experience in that the breath takes you deep within yourself, beyond your everyday waking consciousness to what can be called an ‘altered’ state.

What is the music like in a Shamanic Breathwork journey?

The music is epic! The musical journey is crafted to move the breathers through internal landscapes from the lower chakras and more dense elements to the more subtle and ethereal aspects of our Being.

Will I be lying down while doing Shamanic Breathwork?

Yes, it is recommended that you lay down during a Shamanic Breathwork journey unless you have a physical issue that prevents that. If that is the case, we will work with you to find a comfortable and safe position for you.

You will be provided with an eye mask for your journey.

What can happen during Shamanic Breathwork? Will I feel out of control?

Strong emotions, memories, and physical sensations can come up during a Shamanic Breathwork journey that can catch us by surprise. But as our teacher Star Wolf says, you can use the breath as an accelerator or as a brake, adjusting your breath depending on what you need.

We will be walking the floor giving extra support where needed. You will never be alone.

How long is the Shamanic Breathwork journey?

Shamanic Breathwork journeys can be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes long.

Are there any contraindications for doing Shamanic Breathwork?

  • Cardiovascular disease (angina, previous heart attacks, pacemaker, or strokes)
  • Detached retina
  • Glaucoma
  • Aneurysm in brain or abdomen
  • Severe Asthma
  • Epilepsy
  • Any other medical, physical or psychiatric condition which would impair or affect the ability to be involved in deep physical and emotional release.

What is the lineage of Shamanic Breathwork?

The wisdom of the spiral and the elemental wisdom associated with Shamanic Breathwork was passed down to our dear and most amazing teacher Linda Star Wolf from Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, who was an elder of the Wolf Clan, Seneca tribe, Iriquois nation.

Linda Star Wolf PhD also spent years in deep study and practice with Stan Grof (Founder of Holotropic Breathwork) and Jaqueline Small (Founder of Integrative Breathwork) before pioneering the Shamanic Breathwork modality herself.

You can purchase many of her books at retailers worldwide, including Amazon.

Here Is Your Invitation

When: Saturday, 5/18, 2-5 PM

Where: YogaSoul Bhakti Center
1224 Martin St
Nashville, TN 37203

Cost: $77-$99 sliding scale

*We have multiple installment payment options available for you with ShopPay

*Limited spaces available!

About Your Guides

Claudia Peralta, ordained as Shakti White Wolf, is a deeply devoted Indigenous Medicine Practitioner and Shamanic Minister.

Her journey into the indigenous medicine traditions of South America spans over 15 years, during which she has immersed herself in the wisdom and practices of these ancient cultures. Fluent in multiple languages, she sings medicine songs that resonate with heart and soul, transcending cultural boundaries.

Claudia's true passion lies in nurturing the awakening of the Inner Voice and Spirit within every person she encounters. She firmly believes that each individual possesses a unique and profound wisdom deep within, waiting to be heard and understood. Through her teachings, workshops, retreats, and one-on-one sessions, she empowers individuals to access this inner wisdom, guiding them every step of the way.

Jason Latham, also known as Strong Wolf, stands as a Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Usui Level 3 Reiki Master, and an Ayurvedic Practitioner.

As an Ordained Shamanic Minister through Venus Rising, he merges these intuitive modalities to provide support to those on the shared journey of healing and self-discovery.

He relates profoundly to the Chiron archetype, the "wounded healer." His path, like a spiral, has led to the point of self-acceptance and a deep desire to extend healing and love to others.

Having heard the call to seek the Creative Source in all things, a flame of love has always burned within him, even during times when connection seemed distant. Living with an open heart, regardless of circumstances, has been an enduring invitation from Jason’s innermost being.

  • Sonya C.

    Claudia is an incredible facilitator who holds impeccable space. She is light and that light shines brilliantly through her in the work she does in circle with others on the path. To hear her incredible music is a genuine gift to the listener. As the sounds of her voice washes over you it feels as if the tones have their own consciousness gently penetrating the energetic channels of the body. Captivating, Invigorating and Renewing. I look forward to sitting in circle with her again soon!

  • Haley P.

    Jason has such a calming, peaceful energy and inner strength about him.  I had never tried kundalini yoga prior to this experience. I loved the way Jason integrated meditation, breathwork, and mantra in our morning yoga practice. This work primed me to experience one of the most profound and transformational experiences of my life thus far. I continually felt Jason's kindness and calmness throughout the entire retreat. His energy helped create a safe and supportive environment that was the perfect setting to elevate my consciousness. I continue to incorporate mantras and breathwork as I integrate my learnings from this experience. Thank you so much Jason! I am truly grateful.

  • Christi Anne B.

    Claudia’s guidance through the mystical world of spirituality and sound has given me a deeper trust in my own voice. Her wisdom is vast and powerful. I felt safe to express myself in her kind, loving presence as she supported me in learning how to connect to sacred places I hadn’t dared to visit. I’m grateful to have worked with her and highly recommend the experience.

    Claudia‘s voice carries the divinity of the ancestors and it feels like a blessing listening to her sing.

  • Sean P.

    I am so grateful for my Breathwork experience with Jason. He facilitated our session with graceful direction and provided knowledgeable history and understanding with each exercise. For anyone interested in learning more about their breath, I highly recommend connecting with Jason.