Diving Into Joy Ceremony - 5/21

Let's dive into the One Heart that is in each of us through movement, cacao, breathwork, guided meditation, and chanting sacred sound. Come join!


After opening circle, we will go through a short but effective Kundalini Yoga practice, opening the lungs, deepening our capacity for breath. Movement releases endorphins and dopamine in our bodies. By consciously connecting our movement with a feeling of Joy, we will create new neural pathways that reinforce Joy in our daily lives.

Cacao Ceremony

Mayan texts described cacao to be heart opening, and it has been used in sacred ritual since ancient times. Cacao enables you to connect with your inner spirit and wisdom, allowing for more profound meditation. As the cacao opens your heart, you will experience a stronger connection with the higher self (intuition, soul, God). This connection will guide you into deeper Joy.


We will intentionally direct our breath to promote relaxation and feeling energized. Guided breathwork improves our emotional state: boosting immunity, processing and healing emotional pain or stuckness, enriching creativity, and reducing stress/anxiety levels. Creating space for a limitless experience of Joy!

Sacred Sound

Drawing from both Yogic and Shamanic lineages, we will explore sound and vibration. Activating the connection between our voices and our hearts... Feeling the power of Joy in our expression of sacred song. Not a single professional singer here... Just bring your shower voice!


We will relax into a guided meditation: dropping into our hearts, increasing self awareness, opening intuitive imagination, and cultivating deep presence. From this inner space, Joy arises as our natural state. In-Joy it!

Here Is Your Invitation

When:  Sunday, 5/21, 4 PM-6:30 PM

Where:  Mindful Nashville Germantown

Cost: $50-$75 sliding scale

*Limited spaces available

*You will receive an email with all necessary details once you have saved your spot. Make sure to check your spam folder

About Your Guides

Claudia Peralta is a sonic priestess, mystic child of nature, eternal gypsy, daughter divine, moon dancer, and entrepreneur.

Originally from Argentina, her studies and life's adventures have led her across the globe. Fifteen years ago she was initiated in the healing and spiritual traditions of the Andes and Amazon. She walks the Beauty Way and the Red Road path with Sacred Medicines and has led medicine ceremonies and sound healing journeys in a variety of languages. Her singing is a spiritual symphony, guiding you to move with your soul sound.

Jason Latham has the spiritual name Prem Bir. It means "I am a spiritual warrior with infinite love as my goal". He sees himself as a warrior on the path of love.

Jason is trained as a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, a Usui Level 3 Reiki master, and as an Ayurvedic practitioner. He combines these modalities and other intuitive approaches to provide support for those journeying through healing to their most full and authentic expressions