Private Sessions with Jason & Claudia

We are honored & excited to offer these tailored sessions just for you or your group!

Check out the different offerings below.

Your session would be a blend of these modalities.

Each session will be specifically designed for your particular needs.

The aim being to expand, center, heal, revitalize...or simply recharge and nourish yourself.

Reach out for a free 15 miniute call to inquire or plan your session!

  • Breathwork

    Through Shamanic Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga, Bliss Breathwork and Intuitive Breath and Movement, we engage the Breath of Life to release, balance, relax, energize, and connect.

  • Cacao Ceremony

    Open your heart and ground your self with the beautiful plant medicine of Cacao. With guided meditation, go from DOING to BEING.

  • Sound Healing

    Working with singing bowls, gongs, rattles, drums, guitar and more, we flow in the power of sound to bring deep relaxation and nervous system release.

  • Hapé

    Hapé is a non-psychedelic plant medicine from the Amazon. In general, it has a protective, clearing and grounding effect. We use different blends for specialized support.

  • Sacred Sound

    Discover the profound resonance of mantras, indigenous medicine songs, and voice activation. Sacred sounds have the ability to create a harmonious vibration within, promoting inner peace and balance.

  • Coaching

    Find support through relationship or life coaching, integration before or after a plant medicine or transpersonal/mystical experience.

Our sessions are highly personalized and unique to you.

We usually work together as we feel the balance of Masculine and Feminine energies serves the healing space most fully.

Using a blend of modalities, we intuitively create a space of support, growth, healing, and expansion.

They are typically around 2-3 hours long.

Let's tap into our most authentic unfolding expression of SELF!