The Sacred Path Retreat in Costa Rica, April 2023

Experience deep healing and inner transformation on this 5 night retreat in tropical paradise.

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About the Retreat

By diving deeply into the mystical methods and traditions of shamanic healing, we will rekindle our connection to Mother Earth, each other, and ourselves.

Using ancient healing methods including sacred plant ceremonies, forest bathing, yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound exploration, chanting, and fun-filled adventures, we will reignite the inner fire that fuels passion and gives deep meaning to our lives.

If you are a seeker of deep mystical experiences and reconnection this is the retreat for you!

Sacred Path’s mission is to revive ancient mystical and shamanic traditions in order to achieve profound inner healing and deep reconnection with ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth.

On this 5 night retreat immersed in the beauty and vibrancy of the Imiloa Institute, we will dive deeply into ancient practices to experience mystical states and deep inner healing.

You will be elevated, transformed, and renewed.

Join us in tropical paradise as we reconnect deeply with ourselves and Mother Earth through experiential adventures including blue clay ceremony at the base of a sacred jungle waterfall, grounding cacao ceremony, rainforest immersion hikes, sunset celebration ceremonies, and immersing ourselves fully into the intense beauty and healing energies of The Imiloa Institute.

We will explore and experience multiple shamanic practices to activate and sustain elevated states of being.

Jason is so excited to be offering the daily yoga and meditation practices for this beautiful retreat. He will also be offering a group breathwork session as part of the retreat and will be available for booking limited Reiki energy healings during your stay!

Claudia will be sharing multiple sacred sound and inner voice offerings, one at a beautiful private waterfall setting! Have a look at all of the details by clicking the "Book Now" buttons. We hope to see you in Costa Rica in April!

Your Hosts

Andy Sudbrock is an Ecologist and Medicine Man. His deep connection with Mother Earth is powerful and contagious. He is deeply connected to the natural world and understands that most people live in a state of disconnection from the incredible healing power provided by Mother Earth.

Andy is gifted in helping clients to reestablish their connection with Source and transforming lives through connection, deep healing, and shamanic practices.

Andy is the founder of Sacred Path Retreats and when he is not leading medicine retreats he abides and gardens at his nature sanctuary and forest preserve near Nashville, TN.

Becky Buckman is a coach with emphasis on integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness. Becky’s years of personal coaching has generated a reputation of genuine compassion, professionalism and authenticity.

Becky is also a consultant and coach for the Integrative Life Center, working one-on-one with their patients and staff to breakthrough treatment resistant conditions.

When she is not traveling or working, Becky enjoys social and ballroom dancing and relaxing with her two senior cats, Milo and Harley.

Jason Latham is trained as a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, a Usui Level 3 Reiki master, and as an Ayurvedic practitioner. He combines these modalities and other intuitive approaches to provide support for those journeying through healing to their most full and authentic expressions.

Living with an open heart no matter what the circumstances has been a constant invitation from within. Jason is a warrior on the path of love. Knowing his call to be a healing presence, he seeks to be of service.

Jason lives in Nashville, TN with his two sons. Vegetarian food, waterfalls, ceremonial cacao, and music are some of the things that happily fill his days.

Claudia Peralta is a sonic priestess, mystic child of nature, eternal gypsy, daughter divine, moon dancer, and entrepreneur.

Fifteen years ago she was initiated in the healing and spiritual traditions of the Andes and Amazon. She walks the Beauty Way and the Red Road path with Sacred Medicines and has led medicine ceremonies and sound healing journeys in a variety of languages. Her singing is a spiritual symphony, guiding you to move with your soul sound.

Claudia resides in Nashville where she enjoys the magical rolling hills of Tennessee and the beautiful waterfalls… She makes a mean bowl of pasta and is mom to the two cutest dogs in the world!

The Sacred Path beckons... Will you answer the call and join us to break through barriers and limiting beliefs to elevate your life to levels beyond your wildest imagination?

We look forward to you joining us on The Sacred Path!