Here is what people have to say about working with Prem Bir Healing.


  • Aylin O.

    Jason is an intuitive, gifted healer. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Reiki session, however, while I was relaxing, I felt emotions wash over me during certain moments. I had learned recently that our bodies hold on to pains/traumas from over the years and we sometimes have “stuck” energy that needs releasing. My emotions made me aware that I had stuck energy inside my torso area where I had suffered much trauma from childbirth. This was released and I felt lighter and more buoyant with that energy having moved. I highly recommend Jason for anyone looking for relaxation and profound healing!

  • Tassel S.

    I had a wonderful experience receiving Reiki from Jason. His presence is so calming, loving, and attentive. I felt held in a container of Universal Love during the entire session and I was nourished on a deep energetic level. It was exactly what I needed. Jason also shared many amazing intuitive reflections with me about my chakras, including images he saw. He even gave me a message from the Universe that profoundly resonated and was very comforting to me. The Reiki session with Jason was a very magical experience. I cannot recommend Jason enough!  He is a gift to the world!

  • Veronika K.

    Wow, Jason, you've changed my life in so many ways. Even more than was shared. Your energy is so beautiful, calming, and intuitive. I can't express my gratitude enough. Thank you so much for your beautiful presence and wisdom. So much love and so many blessings to you. Keep shining your beautiful light because the world needs you!

  • Nora S.

    I received a Reiki session from Jason. He creates a sacred space and a feeling of safety and love while giving Reiki. Before seeing him I had been having issues with my tongue for a while, it even bled sometimes. After receiving Reiki from him my tongue stopped bleeding. It's been more than a month now, and it has not happened even once. I also felt at balance and recharged after the session. I have to say he is a natural healer and a kind soul. I highly recommend Jason for anyone seeking a Reiki healing session.

  • Olivia H.

    It was my first experience with an in-person Reiki healing session. Jason brought calm energy throughout. He held space for each emotion that made an appearance. I felt comfortable experiencing all the feelings that needed to be released, and after the session, I felt calm and at ease. Jason gave me confirmation on what I was experiencing. I was happy afterward to further reflect and discuss the images and energy I experienced during the session. I experienced significant shifts releasing what needed to be released during this Reiki healing with Jason.

  • Alecia H.

    I had my first Reiki session with Jason. It was really special! I have experienced a lot of grief lately. I felt like I needed to release a lot of emotions. It’s hard to say it felt GREAT because for me personally it was tears that needed release, but I know it was great for me. The environment is really quiet, peaceful, and inviting. Jason is kind, gentle, and explains everything very thoroughly. One of my favorite parts was that he writes down notes during the session and discusses what he felt afterwards. That was really insightful, and I felt seen. I didn’t feel like sharing a whole lot about what I felt that day, which he understood, but he also let me know I was welcome to. I think Jason is an exceptional practitioner because of his experience with yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, and other healing arts. He can guide you in multiple ways. Thanks Jason!