Chanting Sacred Sounds

Many cultures and religious groups have seen the value of singing together in community. Different traditions have held certain sounds or phrases as sacred or seeing that these sounds hold a certain expression of the Divine.

What to expect in community chanting

The most common form of chanting in community from the yogic tradition of bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion) is kirtan. Kirtan is typically done in a call and response style in which the leader sings through the mantra and then the rest of the community responds by singing it back. The dynamic can range from soft and intimate to celebratory and very active.

Chanting can also be done in a more meditative and repetitive style. The community may simply repeat the mantra all together for a certain amount of time with no call and response - simply settling deeply into the vibration of the chant.

Kirtan and chanting can be done as an event on its own, or it can be a beautiful addition to another type of event or ceremony being held. Please reach out if you would like to talk about me supporting your event or ceremony with chanting sacred sounds.