Group Processing

Sometimes overlooked, we feel that this is one of the most important parts of the journeying process.

Especially if you are journeying with an intention of growth, healing, and deepening into conscious awareness!

There is a deep power in witnessing and being witnessed. Magical insights may come during the group sharing process where we act as mirrors and provide valuable reflections to one another.

There will be a dual process of integration:

  • Upon coming out of your journey, you will find paper and colored pencils next to you. The invitation is to capture the essence of your inner exploration: visions, messages received, feelings, guidance, power animals seen, colors, sensations, words, and anything else that came through.
  • After dinner, we will gather together to further explore and integrate our experience. You will have the chance to share and reflect if you so choose. You can ask for feedback from the group if that feels right for you.

Some of the best "a-ha" moments can come from the reflection of another!

We know that it can feel vulnerable to share in front of others, so we honor the courage it takes for you to show up in that way.

We also honor those who choose to remain silent and introspective. We each show up in different ways at different times.

All is welcome here. All is Love!