Having opened up Sacred Space and honored Fire, Water, and Air, we will settle into our Earth Ritual... Our deep inner journey with the gift from our Mother Earth - mushrooms. The plant ally of hapé (ceremonial tobacco snuff blown into the nostrils originating from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest) will be offered as an optional experience.

You will be comfortably lying down on a private mat. Comfy eye masks will be provided.

* Please bring your own pillow and blanket. You will want to be as cozy as possible during ceremony.

We will drop in with live sound healing, the journey begins...

In continuation, you will be accompanied by a specially curated musical odyssey created for psilocybin experience.

As facilitators, we will be holding and grounding the space, infusing it with Reiki energy and connection to the Divine, all the while maintaining awareness of everyone's individual process.

Doing so creates an energetic environment of safety, healing, and the opportunity for you to let go and dive into the depths of your own soul.