Sacred Mushroom Ceremony 3/23

Welcome to a deeply life changing day-long psilocybin retreat!

Honoring Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit, our journey will be supported by a ritual to each element.

These are days of deep transformation for many of us in which profound questions are arising with new awareness.

We know that there is more to life, a more beautiful way to expand and live aligned with joy, creativity, and kindness.

Living with a more genuine connection to ourselves, others, and our beautiful planet.

These are just a few of the many questions that arise in our hearts:

How can we live life to the fullest, embodying our most authentic selves?

How can we live with joy in our daily lives? Experiencing joy and ease as a state of being.

How can we learn to see the beauty and magic in every moment given the injustices that abound in this world?

When worked with in a Sacred Way with intention, integrity, heart, and the proper guidance, set, and setting, Sacred Medicines can be a direct path to uncovering the Light within and discovering what holds us back.

This is an alchemical process of transformation.

We are here to do the work. To see what needs to be seen, feel what needs to be felt, and to release what needs to be released.

Making room for the most powerful, creative, abundant, and loving aspects of ourselves to shine through!

You are worth it and Life is yearning for your fullest blooming… Be beautiful!

Here Is Your Invitation

When: Saturday, 3/23, 10:15 AM-8:00 PM (with option to stay for fun time until 10 PM at no extra cost! - a limited number of spaces are available for overnight stay at an additional cost) and video calls before and after for preparation and integration


Investment: $549

*We have multiple installment payment options available for you with ShopPay

*Limited spaces available!

*Option to stay the night for an additional cost. Shared rooms (2 single beds per room) are $150 per room ($75 per person)

*You will receive an email with all necessary details once you have saved your spot. Make sure to check your spam folder

The right preparation and post ceremony integration is an essential part of our process.

This is where the deep work gets assimilated, in which we come to understand what our journey offers us in healing, transformation, and insight.

Psilocybin opens our neural pathways, altering electrical activity in the brain region associated with emotional processing and internal awareness. This state of openness remains for about 3-4 weeks post ceremony.

Therefore, this is a potent time to sit with insights received and really embody the new shifts in consciousness.

Our Process:

* Click the buttons on this page to fill out the application form.

* We will then have a 20 minute call to address your individual needs and answer any questions.

* If everything is a good fit, you will receive a link for payment. We have various installment plans available through ShopPay. Early bird pricing until March 9th!

* There will be a group video chat before ceremony for preparation, guidance, and opening up your personal Sacred Space. You will have an opportunity to share what is arising within you if you so desire (questions, insights, experience).

* The day of the ceremony we will offer multiple modalities for preparing to take the sacred medicine of mushrooms - breathwork/movement, elemental rituals (hapé will be offered and optional).

* Immediately after your journey, you will be provided with paper and colored pencils to capture the essence of your experience while it’s fresh.

* Following dinner, we will gather for group integration.

* After integration, you will have time for sauna, hot tub, and cold plunge in the saltwater pool.

* Two weeks after ceremony, there will be a group integration video call to further harmonize your experience.

* Soon after, we will be offering a Breathwork experience. Ceremony participants will receive a discount to the breathwork event!

This is what we offer to provide you with a complete, loving, and supportive container.

  • Opening Circle

    Opening circle with guided meditation to be with our prayers and intentions, releasing them to the Great Mystery

    Click here to learn more!

  • Elemental Rituals

    Rituals to each of the four elements, honoring the essence of each element within ourselves

    Click here to learn more!

  • Ceremony

    Sacred Ceremony beginning with live sound bath and transitioning to specially curated music to support your journey

    Click here to learn more!

  • Dinner

    Savor a light dinner consisting of a delicious veggie soup, artisan bread, and a rejuvenating salad

    Click here to learn more!

  • Group Processing

    Group processing and integration to be truly seen and held in your experience

    Click here to learn more!

  • Play Time

    Yay! Let your inner child have fun with sauna, hot tub, or cold plunge in the saltwater pool!

    Click here to learn more!

What You Will Gain

In the Sacred Pause of ceremony, we willingly bring every area of our lives into the Light.

By doing so, we gain clarity, healing, release of trapped emotions, new insights, creativity, direction, peace, and a sense of connection to All That Is.

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About Your Guides

Claudia Peralta is a sonic priestess, mystic child of nature, eternal gypsy, daughter divine, moon dancer, and entrepreneur.

Originally from Argentina, her studies and life's adventures have led her across the globe. Fifteen years ago she was initiated in the healing and spiritual traditions of the Andes and Amazon. She walks the Beauty Way and the Red Road path with Sacred Medicines and has led medicine ceremonies and sound healing journeys in a variety of languages. Her singing is a spiritual symphony, guiding you to move with your soul sound.

Jason Latham has the spiritual name Prem Bir. It means "I am a spiritual warrior with infinite love as my goal". He sees himself as a warrior on the path of love.

Jason has spent time studying/training as an ordained Shamanic Breathwork facilitator, a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, a Usui Level 3 Reiki master, and as an Ayurvedic practitioner. He combines these modalities and other intuitive approaches to provide support for those journeying through healing to their most full and authentic expressions.